Bunkering literally fuels the world’s economy. Fuel is supplied to ocean-going vessels which deliver 90% of the products and materials used by consumers and businesses. Bunkering is a huge US$166 billion (est.) industry. As large as the industry is, there are still many operational inefficiencies that limit fleet optimisation, which leads to a lot of wastage of resources.

Furthermore, there are numerous stakeholders involved in each delivery, with no common platform to bring them all together on the same page.

Our solution BunkerMAESTRO aims to eliminate operational inefficiencies and bring all parties involved in bunker deliveries on a common platform, including bunker suppliers or operators, bunker traders, ship owners, ship agents, oil terminals and creditors.

BunkerMAESTRO includes an auto-scheduling system that helps operators automatically schedule a bunker tanker to the job based on many preset criteria. We are integrated with AIS service providers including MarineTraffic and Singapore Maritime Datahub to track the latest vessel locations and ETAs, and provide scheduling updates as ETAs change, saving time and allowing the bunker fleet to be fully optimised.

Increase manpower efficiency

(decrease cost)

Increase vessel optimisation

(increase revenue)

Get managerial and operational oversight on all deliveries

Manage vessels and tanks for IMO2020 compliance

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